Голоса – Chicago Russian Folk Choir

Back in college I sang with a choir called Golosá (Голоса), which was awesome in so many ways and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to sing with them. Golosá will be performing in Chicago on April 30 as part of a Soviet cultural expo. If you’re at all interested in Russia(n), traditional music, or choral performances, you should definitely check it out.

Founded in 1997, Golosá has been rocking the Chicago scene for quite a while and has recently had its first concert tour on the East coast. You can read about the history of the group and the extremely unique musical tradition here on their website (no-one else makes music like this in the States). You can also get a good taste of the style of music (sacred to secular) on this page. I recommend listening to the following for starters.

Zhavrononok ti Moy

Vechernaya Zastolnaya

Chorni Voron

Ach Ti Styep Shirokaya

Golosá choir members and their performances are also notoriously lots of fun. In addition to traditional clothes and the occasional choreography, they often get together for food, drink, music, and merriment – you can watch them do so on Golosafan’s youtube channel 🙂 Very fun.


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