Thoughtfiles is…

Blogging? No, not really blogging. I’ve tried to blog before in the past but the medium hasn’t really lent itself to creativity for me. Rather, it’s been more stifling. That’s because of the way I have been thinking about the medium. I’ve been paying too much attention to the concept of writing to create an online community in which to participate and the concept of crafting an image or a series of images in the mind of the hypothetical reader. I’ve spent too much thought-power on the “what if?” that one asks oneself when confronted with the indescribably massive netizenry of cyberspace.

So instead of jumping into the medium again, only to find myself dumbfounded and at a loss for any sense of inspiration or even sense of self, I have told myself – stop and think.

It’s like oil paints. I think oil painting is incredibly intimidating to the point at which it makes it very hard for me to actually feel positive about the process – despite how beautiful the paints may be. Why? Because I stress out over how long it takes the oils to dry, over turpentine, linseed oil, and all these other complicated things and toxic fumes that stand between me and turning my creative moments into just that – moments of creating.

So, how am I thinking of this medium now? I think the title of this tiny speck in cyberspace – thoughtfiles – is a good reminder of how I perceive it. This is a place in which I can deposit, store, and ruminate. Other people can comment on my thoughts, add to them, change them, deposit their thoughts, or whatever they like. For me, this more about manifesting my thoughts into some physical, malleable format. This is about the transition from oil paints to clay.  It just happens to be a written rather than thrown.


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