Some recent t-shirt doodles…

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left shoe right shoe white shoe bright shoe

I went shopping the other day. Like any other conditioned American in his early twenties, the main stops on my spending route included H&M and Urban Outfitters – stores that sell in my size and maintain a certain fundamentally minimalist and tolerable style (mostly). Such stores, unfortunately, also happen to be the ringleaders of the mainstream American clothing circus. In other words – I’m buying exactly the same stuff that every other clowned consumer is buying.

Pros: price, size, minimalist style options.

Cons: mediocre textile quality, forced fashion conformity.

I honestly don’t feel bad enough about wearing the same things as everyone else to completely abandon these stores given the aforementioned pros. Yet, at the same time, while I was rummaging through the sales rack with a bunch of other short men in their early twenties, I felt struck by a sudden need to break out of that pattern.

In the past, when I have felt this same urge to don something  “unique” (in the sense that I won’t run into some identically vested doppelgänger in the street somewhere), I have resorted to drawing/painting on t-shirts and wearing them. This time, however,  I wanted something slightly different (and hopefully less painfully cliché). I saw some $10 white canvas shoes and, predictably, decided to apply the same concept to them.

This is what I wound up with.

I showed my friends at work and their response was – “Wah! People in Korea do this all the time!”. So much for originality. At least I like them.

And, yes, I do wear them in public.